Abigail Weaver completed her Instrument Rating at Embry Riddle in March 2022 and will begin commercial training in the fall.

Emma Farrington – First Solo January 2022

Anna Ohlweiler – Instrument Rating November 2021 and Commercial Rating December 2021

Jessica Citrin – Solo

Jennifer Akey -Instrument rating in July and Commercial rating in September

Jessica Phinney – Private Pilot

Sue Mead – Private Pilot

Celeste Pearce – 777 rating with American Airlines

Joanne Swanson – CFI

Morgan Sullivan-Walsh – Instrument rating

Arianna Strand – Multiengine

Melodi Jane Lacy – Private Pilot

Jessica Citrin – after a long battle with the FAA, her medical was approved.

Pam Berardino – Passed Private Pilot Written (02/19)

Donna Shea  – Passed Instrument Written

Rika Ballard – Passed Instrument Check ride, Got Commercial (06/19), and CFI (08/19)

Arianna Strand – Earned Commercial Pilot Certificate (06/19)

Jessica Citrin – Passed Private Pilot Written Exam (07/19)

Natasha Pavlinetz – Passed Private Pilot Check ride (07/19)

Sarah Mallon – Got Instrument Rating (07/19)

Jessica Phinney – First Solo (09/19)