NinetyNinesCT Google Group Rules

CT 99s Google Groups List Server Policies

The purpose of this forum is to facilitate communication and correspondence relevant to the Connecticut Chapter of the Ninety-Nines, within the New England Section.  We welcome your participation in our online correspondence.  Please review these list server policies to familiarize yourself with using the CT 99s Google Groups List Server.

How to Join 

·   Membership in Google Groups is limited to Members of the 99s or Friends of the 99s, or anyone interested in the Connecticut Chapter in particular who has been referred by another member.  You do not need to actually be a member of the chapter to join or even a member of the organization on an international level, but this forum/email list is intended to be local to CT Chapter (and on a lesser level, New England Section) business.

·   You can join the list server by invitation.

·   You can join the list server by asking to join.  Go to and click on “apply for membership” under the ninetyninesct group name.  You will need a google account for this option.  Alternatively, send an email to if you simply wish to receive emails (no google account required).  Both options require approval by the group admin.

Addressing Emails:

·   To reach everyone, send to  This will generate lots of individual emails to everyone subscribed to the CT Chapter 99s Google Group.

·   To reach one or several members, send to their individual email addresses.

Sending and Replying to List Server Emails:

·   Start a new message, send a message addressed to

·   Fill in the Subject line. Do not send an email to Google Groups with a blank subject.

·   Sign your full name.  Many people have similar first names and email monikers that bearing no relation to their real names (e.g. gr8flyer, flyergirl).

·   Do not send emails to the list server with long unrelated or duplicate email trails. The list server will block such messages.

·   When thanking someone for their advice or comments, please remember that a reply email addressed to will create tons of reply emails.  Instead, address the reply to the individual emails of those you wish to thank.

·   Reply to Sender rather than “Reply All.”, unless your intent is actually to blast an email out to everyone subscribed to the Google Group.

Forwarding Emails or Sending Links to Articles or Videos:

·   Avoid forwarding emails requiring the recipient to follow several links to reach the message. Instead forward the original email or do not send it, as most people may have already seen it.

·   Make sure the subject line reflects the content.  Also, don’t send chain letters.

·   Identify the content of all forwarded email or the content of the story or video the reader will see by clicking on the link at the start of your message.

·   Check out whether a story is true BEFORE forwarding.


Please send emails concerning only aviation-related topics or information local to the CT/New England Ninety-Nines and our members and activities. Please avoid:

·  Anything off color.  If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it here either.

·  Anything you’d never want to see in the newspaper with your name on it. Anything you post on an email network can be forwarded outside the network by one of the recipients.  Don’t forget, this is the internet, anything you post could potentially be scooped up and exist basically forever and leak out years from now!

·  Excessive commercial use of this platform or any commercial promotion considered to be an aberration.  What is determined to be excessive or an aberration is solely at the discretion of the group moderators and the chapter, but in general, if it is overtly self-serving or isn’t at least somewhat relevant to aviation or the 99s, you are likely to be moderated (ie: CFIs/A&Ps/Airport Managers/Skydive Instructors/etc, feel free to note your services and availability on a low-key level, but at the same time, members, we don’t need to hear about your Tupperware or Cutco side gig!).

·  Charitable appeals and events not related to aviation or the 99s, no matter how worthy the cause. If a member of the 99s is raising funds for another worthy cause, they should use personal emails or Facebook and other social media to solicit support, not the Google Groups List Server.

·  More than one photo attachment. Post photos on Facebook, Imgur, or Shutterfly or a similar service and send a short email to the list server with a link to your aviation or 99s-related photos.

·  Emails with more than one photo embedded.

·  Political commentary, unless the issue/proposal is specifically directed at or affects airports, pilots, the 99s or aviation and is not partisan in nature.

·  Emails with blank subject matter or exclamation marks or quotation marks in the subject matter field. Malicious emails often have blank subject lines or subject lines with exclamation or question marks. Many junk mail filters block these emails and route them to junk mail.  It also goes without saying, don’t use this email group to intentionally spread malicious software/emails!

·  Don’t use this email group to phish for personal information.  If you don’t know what phishing is, it’s the social engineering act of using electronic communication to get personally identifiable information (PII) from people for the express purpose of taking advantage of them in some way (like login credentials, credit card numbers, and social security numbers).  Social engineering is very common in this day and age, we recommend being mindful of it at all times online, even in our little community here.

·  On that note, if you’re looking for contact info beyond email addresses or other screen names, we recommend using the Ninety-Nines directory at, we don’t recommend routinely posting phone numbers or personal addresses here unless it’s related to chapter business.  It goes without saying that we reserve the right to moderate when PII is posted without consent or if posts contain PII that people can take advantage of.

·  Emails with a link to a news story or video that require a paid subscription to view (e.g., Wall Street Journal).  If you are sure you want to share the story with your sister 99s, copy and paste the text of the article into your email or into a file attached to the email.  If you need help with embedding any sort of file into an email or making a file to share in the first place, contact the group admin, Jessica Citrin, at

·  Duplicate replies to the entire list server that do not add anything new to the discussion.  Instead, reply only to the sender.

·  Posts that aren’t relevant to the local area, ie: the CT Chapter or the New England Section.  These may be better served by the main ninetynines Google Groups List Server, available here!forum/ninetynines.

·  Duplication of posts and replies on the main ninetynines Google Groups List Server.

Regarding Moderation and Requests for Help:

The moderators of this email list reserve the right to determine if abuse is occurring within or outside the guidelines above, and act within reason to contain it under chapter oversight.  If you have questions about CT 99s Google Group policies, acts taken by moderators, or encounter problems with changing your email preferences, please send an email to the webmaster, Jessica Citrin, at  Please do NOT send an email with such questions to

Additional Links:

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